Top Journeys has developed a unique four-step process for planning your perfect trip



Reservation & Travel

Post-Trip Feedback



We’ll get to know you and your unique travel personality.  We’ll interview you by the most convenient method (email, internet survey, phone or in-person) to create both a general client profile and individual trip profiles.
Your travel objective

Every trip has its own color and tone.  Whether your primary purpose for a trip is family bonding, a learning adventure, a honeymoon escape, a corporate retreat, or a relaxing getaway, we want to know, so we can plan accordingly.

Your trip preferences

Our version of twenty questions, geared to give us a 360 degree view of you and your ideal trip.  Destination, favorite hotel, favorite room, favorite type of activity, packed or relaxed agenda?  For this specific trip, what are the top agenda items for you or your group?  What can we do to make them happen?

Your group details

If you are traveling with a family or group (friends or corporate), we’ll ask for information about your group dynamic — tastes and interests, how much time you wish to spend together vs. separate activities.  Will you need special activities for children or grandparents? We want to help you plan not just the perfect trip, but your perfect trip.

Your limitations and

To ensure a hassle free, seamless journey, we need to know about your travel limitations (set travel dates, budget, special diet, disabilities) and requirements (preferred travel times, room arrangements, specific views, the time of day activities/agenda should begin).  No detail is too small!



Based on the discovery phase, we’ll put together a preliminary itinerary and budget for the trip. Be prepared for the agenda to change — in our experience, it takes 3-5 drafts to create your final itinerary. Investing time in the itinerary development is worth it — the itinerary becomes the ‘blueprint’ for your trip experience. The more details we can build in, the closer we get to achieving perfection.


Reservation & Travel Phase

Once you approve the final itinerary and budget, we make all the reservations, from hotels to restaurants down to the selection of a driver or guide aligned with your personal profile.  We’ve pre-visited many of the hotels, restaurants, museums and cultural sites we’ll suggest, and have on-the-ground sources in all the others.  We’ll make sure that hotel managers, maitre d’s, and guides understand the needs of our guests and are ready to meet them with style.
Final itinerary

We provide you with both electronic and paper copies of the final itinerary, so you can access it literally everywhere.

Contact list

Included with the itinerary are the numbers and information for all the key contacts at every stage of the trip, so that you’ll have 24-hour assistance throughout your journey. If you want to make changes, or require special assistance, there is always someone locally who can help you.

Attention to detail

In addition, before every trip we have a final team meeting to review every detail and confirm each step of the script.

Additional resources

We compile a reading and movie list related to your destination, to help you ‘get in the spirit,’ and to enhance your experience upon arrival. We can also arrange lessons (or online) on a specific topic with an expert.


Post-trip feedback

When you return, we’ll request feedback on your trip, to understand what you enjoyed most on this trip, and new opportunities to excel on the next one.  We keep trying to learn more about the things you love, so that we can incorporate them into every trip you take.

With your permission, we’ll keep your personal and trip profiles on a secure server (client site).  Keeping a record allows us to know you better, but also allows you to cross reference your past trips for future planning.

The security of your information is our highest priority, and we are proud to sign non-disclosure agreements with every supplier so that it stays safe wherever you go.

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